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When we take responsibility for our own wellness we in turn teach others to do the same.

What You Get:

5- 75 minute virtual breathwork classes that includes:

  • 5 Universal Wellness Teachings
  • A carefully curated playlist to move your body and soul
  • A community of like minded people on a wellness journey

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The Healing Journey Series

Curious but not quite sure if you want to sign up to all five classes? Purchase one and see how you love it!

Order Summary
One time Breathwork Class

I guarantee this series is going to expand your sense of what's possible, increase your wellness and gift you with possibilities.

Here is some of what past students have said and experienced:

I would not have gotten through COVID without these classes. They are changing my life. ME, New Westminster

Not what I expected. I was ready to bail a few times before the release but after that it was quite heavenly. Went to bed thinking why can’t I feel like this all the time. CM, Vancouver

Thank you!!!! That was so profound. I would sign up for your class every week! Julie, Sunshine Coast

I don't even know where to even begin...WOW, just WOW! "Thank you" does not even come close. There are no words for the experience I had this evening. It was incredibly profound"- Chad, Vancouver

Thank you Loretta! I loved your breathwork class. I had a very deep experience with alot of grief and anger rising to the surface, followed by a deep sense of calm. Awesome playlist too! ;)- James, California.

I had no prior expectations. It was quite surprising to me the build up of energy in hands and feet. It felt in some ways similar to the kundalini experience I sometimes have and had in Brazil after our spiritual surgery"- Fiona, California

"Great instruction and encouragement. And being online meant we got to go straight to bed! We didn’t have to get in a car, fight traffic and lose our zen." - Leanne, Vancouver

"Having done a couple of sessions with you in person, I was not sure if I would be able to go as deep being online with you and with others in attendance. But, though it was different than being one:one with you, it was still very powerful, and I still felt 100% supported. I though it might be difficult to get out of my head and into my heart in this way of doing the breathwork, but that was not the case at all. Thank you for inviting me, it was what I truly needed."- Sam, Sunshine Coast

"Loretta's online group breathwork was an amazing experience! I was embodied, grounded, supported and held throughout the hour long session with her. She reminded us to make and hold intention during the active breath, and allowed us to integrate the breath and 'come to' at our own pace. It was a safe and beautiful container for deep inner work and release: I felt like I was in an environment that allowed me to go as deep as I wanted and needed, and Loretta's strength and magic carried me through the session. I can't wait for next week!" - Lina, California

"That was amazing. So. Powerful! Thank you!"- Sarah, Vancouver

"That's exactly what I needed! Sh*ts been real. Slept like a baby. thanks!" - DC